Alfred Burger, Serris, France

Alfred Burger is a fast-casual burger restaurant situated right next to the Gare de Val D’Europe. If Alfred was closer than a 25-minute walk to where I live, I would probably be a lot fatter!

“Le Classique”, Alfred

My first time at Alfred, I got a burger. The defining quality of an Alfred burger is its softness. The bun is a squishy brioche, the meat is a bit rare and juicy, and the cantal cheese is creamy. All these components melt together, and after a few chews the burger is fairly homogenous. I think that a layer or two of crunch, with pickles or more robust salad, could really add some interest. But overall, it was delicious.

Despite my appreciation for my first meal at Alfred, it was the last time I ever, or will ever, order a burger there. Why, you ask? Because my heart was captured by something else.

Frites au Reblochon, Alfred

The fries themselves are pleasing – the homemade kind that is thin, crunchy, and the right amount of greasy. But the star of this show is the cheese. Reblochon is a soft Alpine cheese, and when mixed with a classic béchamel sauce it becomes the addictive topping to Alfred’s cheese fries. The sauce would actually be excellent in a Mac&Cheese as well.

Nuggets de Poulet Maison, Alfred

I have tried the beignet chicken nuggets at Alfred as well, which were a bit dry and came with a spicy Indian sauce which I didn’t find satisfying as a compliment to fast-food nuggets. But then again, how could I have found anything tasty when being directly compared to these cheese fries?

Alfred is my go-to place in Serris for food that satisfies my deepest and most instinctive cravings. Their Frites au Reblochon item is a must-try!

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