Big Mamma Restaurants, Paris, France

Big Mamma is a trendy Italian restaurant chain that has locations around France and in London. Their staff is almost entirely Italian, and each location has a different atmosphere. I have dined at 2 Big Mamma locations so far.

Pink Mamma, Paris 9th

Dining room, Pink Mamma

Pink Mamma is one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve been to! Walk up the whimsical spiral staircase, past interesting artworks and mirrors, for several floors to reach the top dining room. The room is decorated with plants, flowers, and lanterns, and it feels like dining in Mediterranean fairy land. I went there for lunch, so the greenhouse design lit up the room with sun. I imagine that going to the same room in the evening would feel even more magical.

Bellini Spritz and Big Mamma cocktails, Pink Mamma

I got a Big Mamma cocktail, a spritz-y and fruity ginger ale creation. It matched the ambiance of the garden room perfectly. The Bellini Spritz was yummy too. Neither were very strong, though.

Truffle Pasta, Pink Mamma

And then, that glorious moment : the food is here! I ordered the truffle pasta, which was served very charmingly in a copper-colored pot. The pasta itself is very doughy and homemade, with that thick and textured surface that picks up sauce excellently. I really enjoyed the pasta shape as well: Very long and haphazarly-curly noodles. I used a sharp knife to cut them! But this was part of the fun. The noodles were whimsical, matching the Alice-in-Wonderland whimsy of the stars of the sauce: mushrooms&truffles. Tiny pieces of truffle dotted the cream sauce, larger pieces of mushroom complimented this flavor, and then on top were shavings of truffle that were impressively fine for an under 20€ dish. I found it remarkable that a truffle pasta was so satisfying without a hint of cheese in sight. The dish truly did justice to its namesake ingredient.

Obermamma, Paris 11th

And now, a word about Obermamma. The atmosphere is a sister to Pink Mamma, still inspired by nature, but with more a woodland feeling than a garden one. The interior is dimly it and lined with a comfortable couch. In the middle of the restaurant is a column to which they have attached large tree branch decorations to sprawl under the ceiling.

All of the Big Mamma locations share the same menu. There are plenty of other lovely options on the menu, but I simply could not resist ordering truffle pasta again!

Truffle pasta, Obermamma

I will definitely continue to frequent Big Mamma restaurants. Their menu is excellent and so is the ambiance. I am not surprised that they are very popular!

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