Nonna & Nonno, Serris, France

Nonna & Nonno is an Italian restaurant situated in the Place de Toscane, which is a courtyard of restaurants that hugs the entrance to the mall Val d’Europe. The ambiance at Nonna & Nonno is what you would expect from a large-ish Italian restaurant, boisterous during peak hours. The terrace is covered with bright orange umbrellas that create a summery Aperol color wash over your table.

Truffle Pasta, Nonna et Nonno

The menu at Nonna & Nonno is not somewhere in which to get lost. That is, for a creamy pasta lover like myself. They have plenty of nice Italian-style pizza options to choose from, only a few meat dishes, some pasta options, and very large-portioned salads. My first time there, I tried their truffle pasta. It was by no means a dish that I would call a true truffle pasta, but with basic ingredients like pasta, mushrooms, and tomatoes, it was an okay meal. I am also not a fan of adding large pieces of parmesan to pasta, as it doesn’t integrate well.

Truffle Pizza, Nonna et Nonno

The best meal I had at Nonna & Nonno was their truffle pizza. The base tapenade-like mushroom/truffle spread is covered in cheese, and then layered with salad, ham, and sun-dried tomatoes. It was delicious, mostly thanks to the mushroom truffle spread. I didn’t think I would eat the whole thing, but I did!

Nonna & Nonno is a pretty basic Italian place. I would go back there when craving a nice pizza, but not if I wanted pasta or to discover anything particularly exciting.

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