L’Atlas, Paris, France

Today, I will tell you about my visit to a restaurant that I want to describe as a “funny little brasserie”, but I’m afraid it was too expensive for this humble description.

I was on my way on foot back to Châtelet from Parc Luxembourg, and decided to stop for a nice solo dinner. I ended up at L’atlas, which is situated in Saint-Germain-des-Près, because I was intrigued by the truffle omelette on their menu.

Burrata, L’Atlas

I started with a burrata, which was nice and standard. I had ordered a glass of rosé, but they brought me a red. As you can imagine, it made quite an awkward flavor combination. My energy and French-language confidence at the time, however, were too low to mention it. And the wine wasn’t too bad anyways.

Omelette, L’Atlas

And then it came time for my long-awaited truffle omelette! I decided to go with a white wine for this one, despite the clumsy ordering of colors. When digging into my omelette, I began to question my entire reality. Since when were truffles available in the form of soft, chewy rectangles? Were they just some kind of mushroom that gave l’Atlas the boldness to declare “truffle” on the menu? Were they actually the flesh of truffles, perhaps cured, in a form that I had never seen? But then why didn’t it taste anything like what I knew to be truffle? Am I really not as dedicated of a truffle-lover as I like to believe?

Despite my confusion, I happily finished what was actually a delicious omelette. The mystery solved when the bill came: “Omelette au Compté”, it read.

The high prices and repeated menu confusions at l’Atlas make it unlikely that I will return. That being said, l’Atlas gave me an enjoyable meal, and refreshed my appreciation of non-ambiguous truffles!

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